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This board was elaborated during the PLEASE HELP, THEY DON’T LET ME SKATE.

This event was created during the pandemic covid 19.

27 artists based in Catalunya had the opportunity to create their art on top of a Skateboard. The board is finished with the classic handmade Griptape.
Skate this beauty or hang it on the wall! Support the artist!

ENG Super.Igor is a visual project where the digital and the analog merge. By overlapping color gradients with bold lines, – random and purposefully lacking of meaning – Super.Igor emphasizes on the action and the present moment, on chance and its subsequent aesthetics, on visual pleasure, and on the balance of the whole, with the aim to depict a feeling of comfort, harmony, and interaction with its surrounding. Super.Igor is pure design, minimalism, and aesthetics. CAT Super.Igor és un projecte visual on es fusionen el món digital i l’analògic. A partir d’un joc de degradats de colors i línies contundents, aleatoris i intencionadament mancats de significat, Super.Igor posa èmfasi en l’acció i el moment present, en l’atzar i l’estètica que se’n desprèn, en el plaer visual i en el balanç del conjunt, amb la intenció de plasmar una sensació de confort, harmonia i interacció amb el medi, amb un background de disseny pur, estètic i minimalista.

Peso 0.6 kg
Dimensiones 60 × 17.5 × 1.9 cm